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Ran Heilbrunn Discusses Military and Technological Failures on ‘The Markers’ Podcast Tel Aviv, May 23, 2024 – Renowned writer and researcher of political philosophy and technology criticism, Ran Heilbrunn, joins Guy Rolnik and Anat Georgi on this week’s episode of ‘The Markers’ podcast. In this compelling episode, Heilbrunn delves into his recent article, which critically […]

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For Immediate Release Tech Talk TV Show Examines the Impact of IDF-Tech Industry Collaboration on National Security Tel Aviv, Israel, [Date] – In a recent episode of “Tech Talk,” a leading Israeli television show focusing on technology, Ran Heilbrunn engaged in a thought-provoking discussion about the intricate relationship between the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and […]

Collapse of Technological Overreliance in Modern Military Defense

This summary encapsulates the article written in Hebrew by Ran Heilbrunn, available at Telem. The collapse of Israel’s defense line on October 7 highlights a significant technological failure, not due to the inherent flaws in the technology itself, but rather the overreliance placed on it by the defense establishment. This event has sparked widespread debate […]

A diverse group of men, women, and non-binary individuals of various ethnicities standing shoulder to shoulder, holding a long banner that reads 'Solidarity'. The background is filled with vibrant colors. Extreme Moral Insensitivity Displayed

Extreme Moral Insensitivity Displayed: Leftist Reactions to Violence

Urgent Appeal for Leftist Solidarity Initially, the article begins with an earnest plea from Israeli progressive factions for global leftist solidarity against Hamas violence. Specifically, the plea underscores the necessity for a united stance against violence, spotlighting the extreme moral insensitivity displayed globally. October 7: A Dark Chapter Unveiled October 7 unveils a dark chapter […]

A photo of a diverse group of Israeli progressives engaged in a serious discussion inside a meeting room, with posters advocating for peace on the walls and a cityscape visible through a large window.

Left’s Indifference to Violence: Insights from Israeli Progressives

In the wake of a harrowing attack by Hamas on Israeli civilians on October 7, 2023, a collective of 75 Israeli progressives have come forward, voicing their profound dismay and concern over what they perceive as the global Left’s indifference to such acts of violence. This diverse group, comprised of men and women from various ethnic backgrounds, has taken a bold stance, challenging the international political landscape and calling for a reevaluation of left-wing values.

An illustration depicting a balanced scale with a dove on one side, symbolizing peace, and a broken chain on the other, representing freedom from violence. Surrounding the scale are symbols of political ideologies and human rights, including a peace sign, a feather pen, and a heart, set against a background of soft, ethereal colors. The composition evokes themes from Harari's critiques on left-wing indifference.

Harari Critiques Left-wing Indifference to Hamas Atrocities

Introduction Harari Critiques Left-wing Indifference – Notably, historian and author Yuval Noah Harari has recently voiced his concern regarding leftist indifference to Hamas atrocities. In our increasingly polarized world, Harari emphasizes the need for nuanced dialogue concerning political groups such as Hamas. He underscores the importance of condemning atrocities, regardless of one’s political alignment. The […]