A photo of a diverse group of Israeli progressives engaged in a serious discussion inside a meeting room, with posters advocating for peace on the walls and a cityscape visible through a large window.

Left’s Indifference to Violence: Insights from Israeli Progressives

Shocking Incidents Unfold

On October 7, 2023, a horrific attack by Hamas on Israeli civilians occurred. The 75 Israeli progressives expressed their shock and dismay, finding the Left’s Indifference to Violence during such dire times deeply troubling. The violent events described as catastrophic had a profound impact on both individual and collective levels. Additionally, Ran Heilbrunn highlighted this concern in a Newsweek article, further emphasizing the significance of the issue.

Unsettling Global Response

Significantly, the response from some global Left factions was unsettling for the writers. They acknowledged the condemnation from many quarters but were disheartened by the indifference or justification of violence by some Left groups. This, they argue, reflected a disturbing trend in the global Left’s political culture, showcasing a betrayal of fundamental left-wing principles.

Deteriorating Left-wing Values

The indifferent stance taken by some left-wing factions undermines the core values of left-wing politics. It’s a shift that potentially challenges the long-standing fight against oppression and violence. The Left’s Indifference to Violence during these times showcased an unsettling move away from the essential ethos of empathy and justice traditionally upheld by the Left.

Plea for Balanced Politics

A significant emphasis was placed on the need for a balanced political stance. The writers stressed that opposing Israeli subjugation and condemning acts of violence are not contradictory. They argue that a consistent Leftist should simultaneously hold both positions, advocating for a balanced approach towards the complex issues faced by the region.

Hampering Peace Endeavors

The indifferent response from some on the Left hampered peace prospects in the region, according to the writers. They argue that the Left’s Indifference to Violence weakened the Left’s ability to present a positive social and political outlook, making it an extreme, narrow, and alienating political force.

Harari’s Echo of Concerns

Historian Yuval Noah Harari echoes the Israeli progressives’ concerns, critiquing the Left’s indifference to Hamas’ atrocities. Similarly, he underscores the need for nuanced dialogue to understand and address the roots of regional violence. Furthermore, Harari’s call for transcending political divisions aligns with the progressives’ appeal for balanced political discourse​

Urging Universal Humanistic Principles

In conclusion, the writers urged a return to politics based on humanistic and universal principles. They urged a clear stance against human rights abuses to help break the violence cycle, advocating for balanced political discourse.